Tailgate is the unnerving story of Luke, a young man who awakens in the boot of a car with vague memories of the night before. Neither he nor the Driver of the car seem to know why he is there, but the Driver, an outwardly cold-hearted contract killer, is not taking any chances.

The Driver’s instructions are simple; travel to the location and in three days, kill the man in the boot. But why is Luke in his car and who supplied the orders? Imprisoned with only a slither of light, Luke desperately attempts to gain control by attacking the Driver’s conscious. The Driver, however, is running on a frenzied instinct and further instructions given by a mysterious caller. Death seems inescapable until they arrive at their destination and the boot is opened, but is either man actually prepared to face the reality of their situation?

Production Summary

83 minutes 6 seconds | Shot on Black Magic CC | Exhibited on DCP Stereo | 1:239

Genre: Drama/Thriller  Origin: Australia
Key Cast: Luke – Sam Young  |  Driver – Peter Marshall

Key Crew:

Director – Jai Hogg

Writers – Jai Hogg and Jarrad Brown
Producer: Jai Hogg and Jarrad Brown
Associate Producers: Jacob Livermore & Ben Evans
Cinematographer: Mark Broadbent
Editor: Joe Lancaster
Sound Design: Justin Harrison

Sales Agent: Galloping Films  


Socrates Films in association with Enjoy Productions.


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