An adventurous Australian Journalist (Brian Jeffery) travels to Cambodia in seek of a fresh perspective on life that can only be experienced in the once expansive Kingdom. Within a landscape rich in beauty and a culture so venerable, the sprawl of urban society bustles for survival. Brian finds his curiosity leads to his conscience as he learns about the Khmer people in an intimate, inspiring and educational documentation of events.

Focused on the importance of the younger generation, Brian explores the opportunities for Khmer children from remote communities to urban Cambodia. Beneath an epidemic of poverty, human trafficking and child slavery we discover the forces dedicated to the salvation of the Khmer children.

Brian meets with foreign aid workers and organisations as well as local philanthropists to discuss a solution to their crisis. Joining these impassioned individuals we realize the significance of their efforts for a people desperate for the western world’s support.

These are the activists who are dedicated to the single most important issue in today’s third world… the welfare and education of children.

Awards and Screenings

  • Third World Indie Festival San Francisco - AWARD BEST DOCO FEATURE FILM

Production Summary

85 minutes | Exhibited on BluRay/DVD | 16:9

Genre: Documentary  Origin: Australia
Key Cast: Brian Jeffery

Key Crew:

Director - Luke Jeffery

Producer: Luke Jeffery
Associate Producers: Jacob Livermore & Tara Wardrop
Cinematographer: Luke Jeffery
Editor: Adam Erbacher & Jacob Livermore
Sound Design: Justin Harrison

Hill Trigger Films in association with Enjoy Productions.

Director/Cinematographer Luke Jeffery completed study at South Bank Institute Of Technology in 2007 acquiring a Diploma In Screen Production. This provided the opportunity for Luke to write, produce, and direct a handful of short films and procure the skills to lead a crew to achieve the desired outcome.

Since then Luke has broken into the film industry at ground level and worked through the ranks to secure his current position working freelance as a Camera Assistant on TVC’s, TV Drama’s and International Feature Films. This experience at a professional level has given the chance for Luke to expand his technical ability working with award winning Key Creatives on a variety of different formats. Armed with visual dexterity and artistic direction Luke can now apply his practical know-how to produce significant stories accompanied by modern, aesthetic images.